Our Credits

The Sugar Factory (1998)

Director: Robert Carter
Producer: Jenny Woods

The Real Macaw
The Real Macaw (1998)

Director: Mario Andreacchio
Producer: Margot McDonald

Oscar and Lucinda
Oscar and Lucinda (1997)

Director: Gillian Armstrong
Producer: Robin Dalton

Kiss or Kill
Kiss or Kill (1997)

Directors: Bill Bennett
Producer: Bill Bennett, Jennifer Bennett

Paradise Road (1997)

Director: Bruce Beresford
Producer: Greg Coote, Sue Milliken

Whipping Boy (1996)

Director: Di Drew
Producers: Ray Alchin, James Davern

Under the Lighthouse Dancing
Under the Lighthouse Dancing (1997)

Director: Graeme Rattigan
Producer: David Giles

Children Of The Revolution
Children of the Revolution (1996)

Director: Peter Duncan
Producer: Tristram Miall

Not Fourteen Again
Not Fourteen Again (1995)

Director: Gillian Armstrong
Producer: Jenny Day