Our Credits

Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance (2007)

Director: Darren Ashton
Producers: Andrena Finlay, Jodi Matterson

The Final Winter (2007)

Directors: Jane Forrest, Brian Andrews
Producer: Michell Russell

Happy Feet (2006)

Director: George Miller
Producer: George Miller, Doug Mitchell

Thunderstruck (2004)

Directors: Darren Ashton
Producer: Jodi Matterson

Bride of Silence (2005)

Director: Minh Phoung Doan
Producer: Minh Phoung Doan

The Crocodile Hunter – Collision Course (2002)

Director: John Stainton
Producers: John Stainton, Jude Bailey,
Arnold Rifkin

The Nugget (2002)

Director: Bill Bennett
Producers: Bill Bennett, Jennifer Bennett

Paradise Found (2003)

Director: Mario Andreacchio
Producer: Georges Campana, Frank Hübner

Charlotte Gray (2001)

Director: Gillian Armstrong
Producer: Sarah Curtis, Douglas Rae